Antonio B. Rodriguez, PI
PhD Geology and Geophysics, Rice University, 1999
BA Geology, Hamilton College, 1994

CharlieCharlie Deaton, MS Student
BS Geology
BS Environmental Science,
The College of William and Mary, 2015

Jessamin Straub, MS Student
co-adviser Dr. Rick Leuttich
BS Marine Sciences
Coastal Carolina University, 2015


Anna Atencio, MS Student
co-adviser Dr. Brent McKee
MS Marine Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2018
BS Geology, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2017

Molly Bost, PhD Student
MS Marine Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2016
BS Environmental Sciences
UNC-Chapel Hill, 2014

Carson Miller, MS Student
MS Marine Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2019
BA Geology
UNC-Chapel Hill, 2016


Richard Mahoney, Technician
Dr. Fodrie
BS Fisheries and Water Resources
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

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