Where do coastlines stabilize following rapid retreat?

Roanoke Bayhead DeltaBayhead deltas are located where rivers flow into estuaries.  They have broad low-elevation plains that are sensitive to small increases in the rate of sea-level rise.  In the past, when sea level was rising at a rate of 1 m per 100 years, bayhead deltas across the Northern Gulf of Mexico experienced a phase of rapid landward retreat.  Subsequently, those bayhead deltas  stabilized and Alex Simms (UC Santa Barbara) and I are interested in better understanding controls on bay-head delta stabilization following rapid retreat.  We recently published a paper in Geophysical Research Letters  that shows bayhead deltas stabilize at tributary junctions as they are moving landward in response to sea-level rise.  These results highlight the shortcomings of models that predict the impacts of sea-level rise by simply flooding topography (i.e. bathtub or passive-inundation models).  One of those passive-inundation models is being served by NOAA.  Play with the NOAA model online and then read our paper.

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